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Expanding presence in Europe!

n Our warmest welcome to Proteigene and Thistle Scientific as our new exclusive distributor in Europe With the signing of distribution agreements with Proteigene and Thistle Scientific Ltd, we expand our presence in France and UK markets. Proteigene is a company that specializes in providing products and services in the fields of Cell Biology, Genomics, […]

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Go in! Discover A4cell February News

n February Newsletter is here! Go in February newsletter and… Learn about how CytoCHECK SPAchip® pH single-detection kits have been designed to monitor intracellular pH changes in living single cells, providing a valuable tool for researchers studying cell physiology, metabolism, and proliferation. Join A4cell at SLAS 2023 conference in San Diego from February 25th to […]

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Go in! Discover A4cell January News

Our first Newsletter of the year is here! Welcome to the first newsletter of the year! We have set important goals for the year ahead and we are excited to share some of them with you. One of our main goals this year is to improve the efficiency of our cell assays. We understand the […]

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Truly Effective Cell Assay Design

The Assay Guidance Manual is a guide for researchers working in preclinical stages of drug development and basic cell biology. The manual is an updated review of all critical aspects for design, development and optimization for in vitro and in vivo assays used to validate a drug [1]. The design of effective and reliable protocols […]

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Lab-in-a-cell analysis enabled by SPAchip® Technology

About Probes for analyzing intracellular signaling activities have been indispensable tools for understanding cell biology in the last decades. Yet, novel approaches have allowed to overcome technological limitations in each generation and to improve the quality of the obtained data in cell-based assays. The latest developments in physico-chemical procedures enable to perform real-time assays in […]

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Go in! Discover A4cell December News

Our last Newsletter of the year is here! This is the last newsletter of this passionate year, in which we have accomplished many challenges and demonstrated the full potential of SPAchip® to analyse living single cells. Having developed new tools for facilitating and improving these stages of early drug discovery to understand better the evolution […]

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“Ayudas Empresas Comunidad de Madrid para Internacionalización”

Arrays for Cell Nanodevices ha resultado una de las empresas beneficiarias de las Ayudas que la Comunidad de Madrid ha concedido dentro del Proyecto “Kairós” para potenciar la innovación tecnológica e impulsar la transferencia de tecnología al sector productivo,. Concretamente ha contribuido a nuestros proyectos de internacionalización tanto en el Reino Unido como en Francia, […]

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Intracellular ROS and pH Signaling measurements in Living Cells

Cellular energetic metabolism is highly dependent on mitochondrial function. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are known to participate as signal messengers in diverse physiological networks and to be determinant in a variety of pathologies, such as diabetes, tumor progression, ischemic events, neurodegeneration and aging [1] . During mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation can be uncoupled when respiratory complexes […]

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