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Transform your experience with the most advanced technology! Discover our exclusive offers and join the technological revolution with SPAchip® Pioneers.

SPAchip® Pioneers: From Fans to Experts – Unlock Exclusive Benefits!

Join our special campaign designed to reward our early adopters of SPAchip® technology. As you progress through each category, from Fan to Explorer to Expert, you’ll unlock a range of exclusive benefits tailored to enhance your research experience and professional recognition

Exclusive Benefits

You become a fan once you place the 1st  order

Fan Level (1-3 Orders):

  • Welcome Package: Receive a starter kit with detailed guides and support materials.
  • Welcome Discount: Enjoy an initial 10% discount on your first SPAchip® order.
  • Exclusive Webinars: Gain access to invitation-only webinars hosted by our leading scientists.
  • Priority Support: Get priority access to our customer support team for any questions or troubleshooting.

Explorer Level (4-7 Orders):

You reach the explorer level when you place the 4th order

  • Increased Discounts: Unlock a 15% discount on all SPAchip® orders.
  • Blog Features: Get the opportunity to have your research and success stories featured on the A4cell blog.
  • Priority Support: Enjoy priority customer support to assist you with any technical queries and optimize your use of SPAchip® assays.
  • Beta Testing: Be the first to test new SPAchip® products and provide feedback to influence future developments.
  • VIP Community Access: Join an exclusive community of SPAchip® experts for networking, collaboration, and sharing best practices.

Expert Level (8 or + Orders):

You reach the expert level once you place the 8th order

  • Maximum Discounts: Benefit from a 20% discount on all SPAchip® orders.
  • Published References: Have your work highlighted as a reference in A4cell publications and promotional materials.
  • Guest Blogging: Contribute as a guest blogger on our A4cell platform, sharing your expertise with a broader audience.
  • Conference Participation: Receive invitations to present your findings at A4cell-sponsored conferences and events.
  • VIP Community Access: Join an exclusive community of SPAchip® experts for networking, collaboration, and sharing best practices.
  • Premium Support: Enjoy premium, round-the-clock support from our team of specialists.
  • Customized Solutions: Access to customized SPAchip® solutions tailored specifically to your research needs.

How it works:

1.Choose Your Product: Explore our product range and select your favorite.

2. Send your order, including your identification code, to

  • Fan: FAN001
  • Explorer: EXP002
  • Expert: EXL003

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1.How do I know my customer level?
If you are new, select “Fan”. As you make more orders, your level can upgrade to “Explorer” or “Expert”.

2. How do I apply the discount?
The discount will be applied when you submit your order. You will then receive a confirmation email with the order details.

By leveraging SPAchip® technology, you not only advance your research but also gain access to a wealth of resources, recognition, and support that will propel your career forward. Embrace the future of cell viability analysis and become a recognized leader in your field with A4cell’s SPAchip Pioneer program.

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