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NEW: SPAchip® pH detection in green & red colours, allowing live cell tracking and movement studies

A4cell has already expanded its portfolio of available wavelengths for the SPAchip® kits with the new CytoCHECK SPAchip® pH RED single-detection kit.

This novel product allows working in longer wavelengths that reduce phototoxicity and interference of autofluorescent cell signals. Its ratiometric behaviour at two different emission wavelengths offers increased precision for intracellular pH measurements, while allowing to quantify alkaline concentrations up to pH 9.

Moreover, the possibility of using RED and GREEN SPAchip® kits opens up a new world of applications for cell tracking. As SPAchips remain in the cell cytosol of living cells without producing cytotoxic effects, they can be used as labelling tools for monitoring cell dynamics, migration, etc. Different cell populations can be loaded with different SPAchip® kits and co-cultured together to study their dynamics while maintaining pH and/or Calcium quantitation possibilities.

Applications of cell tracking SPAchip® devices include cell migration studies, stem cell research, drug discovery, toxicity studies, immunology and immune-oncology, neuroscience, developmental research, etc… Reach out to A4cell’s scientific team and discover how we can improve your cell-based assays together.

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