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Transforming Cellular Analysis:

The Power of SPAchip®

Imagine a cell-based assay so advanced it can work inside a living single cell, offering real-time analysis and ongoing insights. SPAchip® technology turns this revolutionary idea into reality, opening new doors in the study of cellular metabolism and disease.

Introducing SPAchip® Technology

SPAchip® is where cellular biology and microelectronics merge, introducing an innovative Suspended-Planar Array chip technology that sheds unprecedented studies on cellular processes in a way never seen before.

SPAchips are intracellular silicon microchips functionalized with several biomolecules (fluorescence probes, proteins, peptides, and other) designed to film any cellular pathway by monitoring it in real time without inducing physiological changes or affecting cell viability.

In this film, SPAchip® offers a dynamic description about cell sensing from inside at real-time.

The SPAchip’s capabilities allow researchers to capture even subtle changes in biological processes with high sensitivity and accuracy. As a result of this advancement, we are able to study living cells more closely, providing deeper insights into cellular behavior and mechanisms that were previously unavailable.

The SPAchip® Difference: A Leap in Live Cell Analysis

  • Multiplex Capability: SPAchip® is the first intracellular device capable of being multiplexed with probes emitting in the same wavelength, revolutionizing how we study cellular metabolism.
  • Surface Functionalization: this technology enables the printing of SPAchips with a wide array of biomolecules, facilitating comprehensive tracking of cellular activities and metabolism.
  • Non-Invasive: SPAchips are non-toxic, ensuring long-term intracellular measurements can be taken without harming the cell.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: by concentrating the fluorescent probe on the chip’s surface rather than in solution, SPAchip® technology offers unparalleled sensitivity in detecting cellular changes.
  • Eco-Friendly: utilizes fewer plastics and consumables, aligning with sustainable lab practices.
  • Versatile Application: SPAchip´s workflow is designed to complement existing lab infrastructures, integrating seamlessly with a variety of platforms for a wide range of applications.

How SPAchip® works in combination with the current laboratory equipments?

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency with SPAchip® Technology
Below, we present a comprehensive workflow for the analysis of cell-based imaging assays utilizing high-content imaging and cellular analysis software. Our user-friendly assay kits cater to the needs of life science research, drug discovery, and bioassays, providing a seamless experience. These kits are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with the latest Cell Imaging instruments, ensuring optimal performance and reliable results.

Discover SPAchip® Today

SPAchip® technology is the future of live cell imaging and drug discovery. You can start your experience with our CytoCHECK SPAchip® Detection kits.

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Revolutionizing Drug Discovery

SPAchip® is not just an innovation in live cell imaging; it’s a transformative tool for drug discovery. By enabling detailed analysis of single-cell responses to drug candidates, SPAchip® technology accelerates the identification of new targets and therapeutic opportunities, promising a new era of personalized medicine and efficient drug development.

A4cell is set to transform live single-cell imaging, breaking through its traditional barriers. Its capacity to assess multiple parameters within a single living cell population opens unprecedented avenues in drug discovery:

  • Target-Based Innovation: A4cell’s technology enhances target-based drug discovery by facilitating the design and printing of custom chemical compounds. This capability allows for the quick and direct detection of specific targets, streamlining the drug development process.
  • Phenotypic Discovery Leap: It advances phenotypic drug discovery by enabling the printing and analysis of various molecules. This breakthrough assists in identifying new therapeutic targets, mechanisms of action, and potential drug candidates, marking a significant stride forward.
  • Optimizing HCS Platforms: A4cell optimizes High Content Screening (HCS) platforms, improving the efficiency of identifying lead compounds, assessing drug efficacy, and characterizing cellular phenotypes.

The synergy between live cell imaging and SPAchip® technology fosters the creation of innovative assays and experimental protocols, broadening the horizons of biological research. Additionally, this approach minimizes phototoxicity and uses only one fluorescence channel, eliminating the need for extra experiments and saving up to 60% on time and costs. The A4cell Multiplex Detection kit unveils new insights, uncovering patterns and correlations previously hidden, enriching our understanding in drug discovery and steering us towards personalized medicine.

Research Areas: Biology+ SPAchip® technology to advance drug discovery

Main SPAchip® applications for living single cell analysis related to drug discovery that enable our customers to unravel the complexity of biological systems.

Phenotypic ScreeningIdentification of Rare RespondersDisease ModelingToxicity AssessmentCellular Signaling PathwaysHigh-Content ScreeningReal-Time KineticsDrug Combination Studies
Allows the observation of living single cellIdentify these rare respondersStudy how individual cells from patients with specific diseases respond to drug candidatesDetecting adverse effects before they become apparent in population-level assaysElucidating complex cellular signaling pathways and their responses to drugsCollecting a wealth of data on individual cell morphology, protein expression, and subcellular localization, providing a comprehensive view of drug effectsAllowing for the tracking of dynamic cellular responses over time.Using to assess the effects of drug combinations on individual cells
Provides insights into how drugs affect different cellsUnderstanding drug resistance or uncovering new therapeutic opportunitiesHelp to develop personalized medicine and more targeted therapiesHaving time and resources in the drug development processHelping in the design of drugs that target specific components of these pathwaysStudying drug kinetics, including drug uptake, metabolismIdentifying synergistic drug combinations and optimizing therapeutic regimens
Better understanding of drug mechanismsLeading to more effective therapies with fewer side effectsInforming the doses, regimens, and drug delivery strategies

Applications and Cell Types

Because each cell is a Storyteller….

The SPAchip® abilities to monitor living single cells during drug discovery offers a deeper understanding of drug responses.
Leads to the identification of new targets and therapeutic opportunities, and can improve the efficiency and safety of the drug development process. It is a powerful tool that has the potential to accelerate drug discovery and improve patient outcomes.

Timelapse of HEK293 cell line (from Human Embryonic Kidney) spheroid formation with internalization of CytoCHECK SPAchip® pH Single-Detection Kit Green. DRAQ5™ in red stained live nuclei. SPAchip® technology allows pH measurement at the different time points of spheroid formation. HEK293 cells were incubated with CytoCHECK SPAchip® pH Single-Detection to allow spheroid formation at 24 A), 28 B), 48 C), and 52 hours D).

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A Commitment to Advancement
As part of our continuous optimization of our SPAchip® technology, we can offer high value to our customers in terms of High Content Screening (HCS), and cell imaging platform analysis.

We are committed to providing the researchers community with the latest advancements in the field of cellular analysis, with the aim of encouraging innovation and ensuring progress in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries throughout the world.

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