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Lab-in-a-cell analysis enabled by SPAchip® Technology


Probes for analyzing intracellular signaling activities have been indispensable tools for understanding cell biology in the last decades. Yet, novel approaches have allowed to overcome technological limitations in each generation and to improve the quality of the obtained data in cell-based assays. The latest developments in physico-chemical procedures enable to perform real-time assays in living cells without interfering with cell physiological conditions. The possibility to repeatedly measure a given sample over times offers valuable information of cell kinetics, while improving the reproducibility of the results.

In this course, SPAchip® technology will be introduced to showcase their improved performance compared to traditional chemical probes. SPAchip® technology and their application in cell-based assays will be covered to highlight the importance of cell viability of cell cultures with quantitative kinetic analysis of living single-cells in real time.

An interactive session is included in the program to share experiences in intracellular analysis, as well as the cell biologists common struggles and demands when using novel tools for their cell based demands.


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