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ICARO Project kick-off. May 9, 2022

The future in human vaccines research.nnWe are delighted to announce the kick-off meeting of ICARO project (Intracellular Carriers Against Resistant microOrganisms) took place in Madrid past 9th of May at the Margarita Salas Centre for Biological Research.

This exciting proposal, financed by the European Innovation Council in its Horizon Europe Pathfinder call, brings together experts in microbiology, immunology, nanochemistry, cell biology, microelectronics, and industrial entrepreneurship to develop a novel vaccine platform to fight resistant and emergent infectious diseases.nnOur mission is developing new microchips to carry pathogen antigens to the cells thus inducing efficient antigen presentation leading to long-lasting immunological responses. Should the objectives of the project be successfully achieved, ICARO consortium will pave the way to a completely novel approach to develop cost-effective vaccines against intracellular pathogens that remain as a relevant clinical unmet, including CMV, SARS-CoV-2, Salmonella Typhimurium and Leishmania amazonensis, used as model pathogens to assess the feasibility of ICARO biochips platform.nnnnnnnnnnn

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