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Saving costs by SPAchip®


SPAchip® is a revolutionary tool that significantly improves the drug discovery process by reducing both time and cost. By enabling high-throughput screening of potential drug candidates, researchers can observe and analyze the binding events between these candidates and target molecules in real-time. This eliminates the need for time-consuming endpoint assays and provides valuable kinetic information, which can greatly assist in the optimization of drug candidates.One of the key advantages of the SPAchip is its ability to achieve all this with minimal sample volumes.

This is particularly beneficial when working with precious or limited samples, such as rare compounds or biological samples. By reducing the amount of material needed for testing, the SPAchip has the potential to lower costs associated with sample acquisition and preparation. Additionally, traditional drug discovery methods often require large amounts of reagents for testing. However, the SPAchip® technology significantly reduces reagent consumption by allowing the monitoring of the same cell culture over long periods without the need to prepare new plates for analysis.

This reduction in reagent usage not only saves costs but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to drug discovery. In summary, the SPAchip offers a streamlined and efficient approach to drug discovery by enabling high-throughput screening, providing real-time kinetic information, and reducing sample volumes and reagent consumption. Its innovative capabilities make it a valuable tool in the pursuit of new and improved drug candidates.

With SPAchip® assays, you can perform cost-effective assays by reducing reagent consumption and increasing throughput. This results in significant cost savings by requiring fewer resources. Additionally, SPAchip assays minimize the use of expensive or rare biological samples by reducing sample requirements. This enables researchers to conduct cell-based assays with smaller samples or fewer cells. Assays based on SPAchip® technology deliver more accurate and reliable results, enhancing data quality. By doing so, you can save valuable time and resources by reducing the need for experiment replication or repetition.

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