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Cutting Edge Technologies in Flow Cytometry and Live-Cell Analysis. CIB Margarita Salas, June 22


We are pleased to invite you to the next scientific seminar organized by A4cell in collaboration with SIC,CIB Margarita Salas and Palex Medical that aims at bringing together scientists from the academy and industry with a passion for Flow Cytometry applications.

This gathering will focus on the latest developments in the technological and biological aspects of flow cytometry research and live cell analysis. The main topics to be covered during the presentations will include novel tools for live-cell sensing, spectral cytometry methodologies and detection and the use of AI for data analysis.


Session I

  • June 22 , 2022

  • CIB Margarita Salas

  • 09:15-14:00

  • In-person Event

  • Language: English

  1. Alberto Hernandez CSO- A4Cell. “SPAchip® Lab-in-a-cell devices and their application in flow cytometry”

  2. Patricia Suárez. Application Scientist - Cytek. “Full Spectrum Profiling™ Technology and Cytek® Aurora/Northern Lights”

  3. Sara Isabel Escudero García Flow Cytometry Scientist-CIB-CSIC “Flow cytometry and environmental applications, a glimpse into the future”


Session II

Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas Margarita Salas (CIB-Margarita Salas)

Calle de Ramiro de Maeztu, 9, 28040, Madrid

  1. Lola Martínez, Head of Flow cytometry unit , CNIO .“New technologies in a Core Unit”

  2. Salvador Iborra, Ramon y Cajal , Fellow at UCM. “Profiling rare populations located in difficult places by flow cytometry”

  3. Daniel Jiménez Carretero. Data Scientist at CNIC. “Automated Analysis of High Dimensional FCM Data”


In collaboration with

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