SPAchip® Technology Concept


A new world of possibilities: nanotechnology in lab analysis. An extremely precise tool to study living single cell behavior and general information thanks to our SPAchip® technology.


One of the technological challenges we face nowadays is to fully understand cell physiology. We offer the possibility to analyze at once a lot of interactions among biomolecules, thus monitoring individual cell response over time.

Our SPAchip® technology is set to become biomedicine’s new tool to surveille and monitor disease progression, individually assess the response to treatments and to become the future standard in personalized medicine.

What do we offer?

Advanced technology in living single cell

Analysis of cellular processes
for extended periods in real time

A4Cell’s primary goal is to develop innovative celomic reagents, named CYTOCHECK SPAchip® Detection Kit,  that augment the value of in-vivo cell physiology assays used in Cell Imaging analyzers and High Content Screening(HCS) platforms.

A4Cell’s SPAchip® nanodevice is based on the use of inert Si microchips on which multiple highly concentrated fluorescent probes can be deposited to provide intracellular readouts over long culture periods following endocytosis

First device in the market

for multiplexed living single cell analysis

A4Cell is going to optimise its SPAchip© technology to offer high added-value to HCA l HCS and Cell imaging platforms

SPAchip® is the first intracellular device that can be multiplexed with probes emitting in the same wavelength. Advances in surface functionalization techniques allows SPAchip® to be printed with varied molecules (from nucleic acids to proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, or synthetic chemical probes).

Print Procedure - PPL

SPAchip® works detecting intracellular changes for extended period of time.

( estimate of more than one month )

Thanks to a miniaturization process, A4Cell has obtained a device

that can be easily internalized in living cells without affecting cell viability

or inducing physiological changes

Real images from procedure.

A4Cell develop specific kits depending on market demand and new trends in pharmacologic research

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SPAchip® offer the possibility to perform living single cell assays as:

• More sensitive by locally concentrating the fluorescent probe on the chip surface rather than in solution.

• Less toxic by reducing the total cytoplasmic concentration of fluorescent probes.

• Longer duration by fixing the probes on the chip and protecting them from dilution, excretion, or degradation.

• Highly discriminant of cytoplasmic readouts vs signals from other cell compartments.

• More informative by combining various probes on one chip simultaneously.

• More efficient by discriminating signals based on their relative position on the chip rather than their wavelength.

A4cell is delighted to present you a disruptive technology able to analyze living single cells for extended periods offering innovative assays with huge advantages:








SPAchip® technology is not expected to compete with other existing technologies. It opens the door to establish a new and more complete study of living cell physiopathology with potential applications in academic researchs but also in drug discovery fields for Pharma and Biotech industry.

Successfully tested, CYTOCHECK SPAchip® Detection Kit can be used in combination with:


Flow Cytometry Systems

A technique used to detect and measure physical and

chemical characteristics of a population of cells or particles.


Live Cell Metabolic Assay Platforms

The Platform analyzes and measures metabolic functions of live cells with

same-day results. From routine analysis to cutting-edge research

Cell Imaging Readers

Combines automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection in a configurable, upgradable platform. The microscopy module offers up to 60x magnification in fluorescence, brightfield, high contrast brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast for maximum applications reach.

Confocal Microscope

In this category  the most frequent are confocal laser scanning (LCSM). This is an optical imaging technique for increasing optical resolution and contrast of a micrograph.

High-content screening (HCS) Platforms

Are systems uses living cells as tools in biological research to elucidate the workings of normal and diseased cells. These systems are a combination of modern cell biology, with all its molecular tools, with automated high-resolution microscopy and robotic handling


Among others...

Working with SPAchip® 

on development applications


Upcoming  assays based  on SPAchip® technology

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Calcium and pH Detection Kit

ROS Detection Kit

Senescence Detection Kit

Customized kit

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