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Launch your Assays with SPAchip® now and relax on vacations!

The ultimate tool for phenotypic and metabolic assays based on living single cell pH and calcium measurements

CytoCHECK SPAchip® single detection kits are cell assays based on SPAchip® technology, that uses silicon microchips with chemical probes to monitor intracellular physiological changes.

The First Lab-in-a-cell devices for a wide range of Applications:

In Only 3 Steps!

Featuring this Complete Solution

  • Ready-to-use, robust workflow, including demonstrated protocols for various cell types

  • Easy-to-use with convenient software in combination with image analysers or flow cytometers

  • Suitable for all culture plates and flasks (*)

  • Cell type flexibility, no lower limits

  • Industry leading cell capture rates of up to 65%

  • Low doublet rates of < 0.9% in 1,000 cells captured

Now is the perfect moment to launch your assays with CytoCHECK SPAchip® single detection kits and be able to go more relaxed on vacation and taking advantage of our launching promotion.


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